4.5 Star Self Catering

Coastal Pods Achieves 4.5 star rating from Star Ratings Australia

We were delighted to receive a 4.5 star rating for the Coastal Pods from the Star Ratings Australia assessor.  Our report showed a score of 99% for housekeeping cleanliness, which we were thrilled about. Will have to have a chat about where we lost the 1%! Its great to be recognized by star ratings who assess thousands of properties all over Australia.  They are tough but fair, and combined with the reviews from people who actually stay with us, this is kind of our word that you will love the pods! Anyone can self rate, but it requires a bit more effort to have an independent assessor take a hard look at your property to rate you.  So we are so excited to put our stars up next to the Coastal Pods.

Cyndia Hilliger

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