Boardwalk in Wynyard

My Brilliant Boardwalk

Well really, it’s the Waratah Wynyard’s Brilliant Boardwalk.  Work has well and truly finished and it’s looking very snazzy out the front there. The boardwalk has framed the area beautifully, and works in well with both the Coastal Pods and The Waterfront Wynyard. You can access town going in a westerly direction or the beach… READ MORE

Fencing is being laid out

Boardwalk Shenanigans

Well finally we will be getting a new and improved walkway along the front of the Coastal Pods and the motel. It will run the length of the river and allow our guests and the public to enjoy strolls along the waterfront.  it will mean a bit of disruption between 8.00am and 5.30pm from now… READ MORE